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3Red8 is building America's New Internet Backbone
Our name stands for triple redundant figure 8 network architecture - the holy grail of network engineering.

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Route miles of dark fiber

National fiber network route

3Red8 is building America's New Internet Backbone.
Our name stands for triple redundant figure 8 network architecture - the holy grail of network engineering.

geodesic dome pattern

Welcome to the Future {proofed}

We are building  a national fiber optic network to enable the technology of the future while connecting underserved communities to tomorrow’s technology, today. 3Red8 is a cutting edge transport network, built along new, diverse paths, working with local communities along the way to help close the digital divide.

A network designed to expand and scale to enable the bandwidth intensive applications of the future – 5G/6G, autonomous vehicles, IoT, smart cities and smart agriculture.

What's going on now

Infrastructure that delivers state-of-the-art, secure data transport solutions for communities, corporations and government agencies

The core network will be dark fiber running coast-to-coast and border-to-border across the United States and is designed to grow, evolve and scale to enable Edge Centers, Smart Cities, 5G, Autonomous Vehicles, Smart Agriculture and Smart Macro Grid solutions. It is a diverse, resilient, high-capacity network, with high performance and heightened security.

Solving the Digital Divide

America hasn’t had an open-access national fiber-optic network built in over 30 years which, as the pandemic uncovered, has created a massive gap in both access and equity to quality internet services.

The development of a new open-access transport network along with six new Internet Exchange Points (IXP) will allow a more economical, lower-priced, connectivity for underrepresented cities and towns, rural, and tribal communities, which account for the most under-connected communities in the country.

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Open Access Transport Network

The network is a diverse, resilient, high-capacity route, with high performance and security. 3Red8’s goal is to help solve the digital divide through investment in local communities, achieving synchronous 1 Gig broadband for all rural and tribal communities nationwide.

3 Layer Open Access Network


Equal Access For All


Transparent Pricing


Impact Partnerships


3Red8’s Roadmap

Route Map Phase 1

Phase 1 of the 3Red8 National Fiber network encompasses:

North-South Route:

Interstate 95 / Hwy 1

  • Ashburn

  • Richmond NAP

  • Virginia Beach CLS

Map Phase 1

Phase 2 – National Rollout -  – RFS 2027

3Red8’s national route plan consist of 70,000`+ route miles of optical dark fiber, with 4 cable landing stations and edge data centers embedded every 50miles for IoT/5G applications.

North-South Route:

Pembina, ND to Texas City, TX


Wilmington, NC to Los Angeles, CA

3red8 map with national routes from north to south and east to west

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